Imperia Gold

Platen die-cutter hand-fed or with automatic feeder /delivery unit

Configuration and features

IMPERIA GOLD: platen die-cutter with hot foil stamping / embossing unit (gold blocking), HAND-FED or with AUTOMATIC FEEDER / DELIVERY UNIT


Sizes and models

IMPERIA GOLD is available hand-fed or with automatic feeder /delivery unit, in the sizes:

  • Mod C 75×105 cm
  • Mod D 85×120 cm
  • Mod E 100×140 cm
  • Mod F/FS 120×165/170 cm


IMPERIA GOLD is the ideal gold blocking machine for the hot foil stamping and embossing of cardboard sheets, for fine packings of quality products, boxes for cosmetics, perfumes, spirits, as well as greeting cards and personalised shoppers, and so on.

Conversion of the IMPERIA GOLD to the standard cold die cutting function.

Properly cooled and adjusted, the same machine, after the removal of the heating plate and the installation in its place of the standard cutting form, can be used for cold cutting.


The plant installed on the machine comprises:

  • Foil rolls holder units, installed in the lower groove of the platen die-cutter.
  • Multi-zones heating plate, removable,  fully drilled, with threaded M6 holes, enabling the direct fitting of 7 mm. high metal blocks (cliché), through fixing clamps. Possibility of pre-heating of the plate
  • Two independent foil feed units are placed in a top  frame support.
  • Each unit consists of  rollers and counter rollers, for the foils unwinding and tensioning and for the rewinding of the used foil. Servomotor driven,  accurate operation is assured.
  • The pace of each feed is set through numerical positioners.
  • The plant has its own control panel desk, with all the controls: heatdetectors of the heating zones, the pre-heating of the plate, the programming system of the foil feeds  through numerical positioners
  • Solid construction machine in compact cast iron with large reinforcement ribs, and shafts, gears, guides, connecting rods and drive cam made in special treated steel, tested to withstand pressure and high temperatures
  • Reduced preparation times


Further foil feeds in addition to the two standard feeds
Linear actuars for the mechanical hoisting of the heating plate
Second timer for timed operation in closed position of the platen movable plane
Micrometric pressure adjustment of the platen die-cutter
Imperia Gold Special

Imperia Gold Special

The special version of IMPERIA GOLD includes a smooth heating plate permanetly fixed on the platen fixed plane and a removable fully drilled cliché-holder frame, with center line.

The platen die-cutter is manufactured with larger distance between the working planes, in order to allow the fitting of the permanent heating plate together with the removable frame and the metal cliché of mm. 7 thickness.

Conversion to the standard cold die-cutting function:  with complete cooled and adjusted machine, only the cliché-holder frame must be removed and replaced by the standard cutting form in the form-holder chase.


The hot die-cutting function is possible on the special construction platen die-cutter, manufactured with larger opening between the working planes.

This allows the permanent installation on the platen fixed plane, of the smooth heating plate, together  with the cutting form of mm. 23,8 thickness on it.

The cutting form must be designed for this purpose: with materials suitable for heat conduction and resistant to overheating.

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