Our platen die-cutting machines

IMPERIA identifies a range of machines particularly suitable for die-cutting, creasing and embossing works, on sheets of solid cardboard, corrugated, microwave, hollow plastic board, PP, PVC, PE, and so on, for the production of packaging, (cases and boxes) and cardboard converting articles, or for the kiss-cut of self-adhesive labels, and so on.

Moreover, on request: die cutting machines dedicated to special processes, for example to cut puzzles, or 20 mm thick honeycomb corrugated board or foam sheets.

And platen die-cutting machines specially built and equipped with heating plate, for hot die-cutting of plastic sheets, in addition to the
IMPERIA GOLD line, which performs hot foil stamping works with or without embossing on cardboard.

Our range

IMPERIA platen die-cutters with hand feeding and delivery, in standard and special construction
IMPERIA platen die-cutters with automatic feeder and delivery unit, standard short delivery or with high pile
IMPERIA platen die-cutters with hot foil stamping and embossing unit (gold blocking), hand-fed or with automatic feeder and delivery unit, also for hot die-cutting


Imperia is the brand by us developed over the years, that identifies a platen die-cutting machine of solid and compact construction in cast iron with large reinforcement ribs, as well as control shafts, gears, guides, connecting rods and drive cam made in special treated steel.
Safety configuration in compliance with CE standards, with a wide equipment of protection devices

IMPERIA combines the best construction quality with high resistance to working pressure, long endurance and limited wear



Accurate finishing operations performed on all mechanical parts ensures the machine high quality standards, including a particular accuracy for the machine working planes, indispensable to compensate any cutting inefficiency of the die cutting form, reducing the time for machine preparation and make-ready.


The controls are concentrated in the ergonomic top panel, adjustable in height and position according to operator’s needs.
A specific instruction manual for use and maintenance, is drawn up and delivered with the machine, to offer any exhaustive information on machine features and use.


Automation and safety functions managed by PLC and safety modules.
The system involves the installation of a Touch Screen, in the machine control panel, providing information about machine functions, parameters and any anomalies or alarms, allowing the immediate detection of the problem, optimizing the working time.