Meridian and Zenith horizontal automatic die-cutter

For corrugated board sheets

Configuration and Features

Automatic die-cutters for corrugated board sheets up to mm. 11 thickness and for hollow plastic board sheets.

Automatic feeding station with vacuum suction system of the sheets to be treated and sheet transport to the following cutting, stripping and delivery stations.

The stripping station, with triple movement, removes the inside and the three side wastes of the sheet (gripper margin excluded).

Delivery station with batch system of the cut sheets.

Sequence of operations and consents controlled by PLC.

Touch screen for machine functions and alarms.



Sheet transport by means of spike bars

Working pressure up to Tons 400



  • Meridian 170S: mm 1700×1200
  • Meridian 185S: mm 1850×1200

Max. mechanical speed

  • Meridian 170S: 4.500 sheets per hour
  • Meridian 185S: 3.600 sheets per hour


In the die-cutting station the low movable plane, moves up to the top, driven by four knuckles system, for powerful cutting pressures.


Sheet transport by means of gripper bars

Working pressure up to Tons 400


Max. mechanical speed

  • Zenith 150S  : 7.000 sheets per hour
  • Zenith 185SL: 5.500 sheets per hour
  • Zenith 210S  : 5.000 sheets per hour


  • Zenith 150S  : mm 1500×1100
  • Zenith 185SL: mm 1850×1300
  • Zenith 210S  : mm 2100×1500


  • Outside table for the pre-arrangement of the die-cutting station. 
  • Outside table for the pre-arrangement of the stripping station. 
  • Single delivery pile system, also combined with the batch delivery system.
  • «Superfeed» device,  pre-feeder for the continuous filling-up of the machine vacuum loader,  with automatic ejection of the empty pallet. Possibility also of pile turning device.
  • Delivery station with motorised rollers, enabling the automatic ejection of the delivery pile pallet, and the following   new empty pallet insertion.

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