In combination with the automatic feeder / delivery unit, the production of IMPERIA die cutting machine is improved, with the automation of the sheets feeding and delivery operations.

The feeder is available in the version with standard delivery (low pile of cut sheets) or in the version with side high pile delivery of cut sheets.


IMPERIA platen die-cutter with automatic feeder and standard delivery


IMPERIA platen die-cutter with automatic feeder and high pile delivery



For better performance and working comfort, the die-cutting machine equipped with the automatic feeder / delivery unit, is provided with:

Static frequency converter

The device is installed to get increased and adjustable speed, from 900 to 1350 strokes/hour. The operator performs the speed adjustment on the control panel.

Automatic selection of the synchronism phases positions.

The operation of the platen die-cutter connected to the autofeeder is made possible by the phasing of the two components, which turn contemporarly.
Three different programmed synchronization positions were programmed, to enable:

    • the coupling or uncoupling of the feeder unit with the platen,
    • the setting of the feeding arm
    • The setting of the delivery arm

The selection of the phase is easily carried out by the operator, on the electronic card on the control panel.

Side movable register

To push each sheet in the correct and constant position, on the platen movable plane is mounted the side register, with mechanical operation and programmed cam-driven stroke.


Imperia, with automatic feeder/delivery unit is available in the sizes:

      • Mod. C 75×105 cm
      • Mod. D 85×120 cm
      • Mod. E 100×140 cm
      • Mod. F 120×165 cm
      • Mod. FS 120×170 cm


Safety auto-phaser: the connection between die-cutter and feeder unit is made safe by the phaser group. If the coupling is not correct, the machine will not start.

The platen die-cutter with automatic feeder can be used also in the manual mode, with easy uncoupling and detaching of the autofeeder from the platen.
Safety systems are installed on the machine and are operational in both mode uses.


Preloading unit.

Sliding on rails, it allows the operator to prepare outside the machine the feeding pile, made of well-aligned sheets, ready to be introduced in the feeding station of the feeder unit.

Sheet-detaching device in the feeding station

Suction cylinders are installed to help the separation of the sheets of the feeding pile, which can remain stuck together as pre-treated with particular varnishing, or others.

Side high pile delivery unit.

The side delivery unit allows the building of a high pile of cut sheets, up to cm. 120 height, well aligned, on pallet, to be removed with the forklift.
The motorized table of the feeder unit, conveys the treated sheets, which are at the beginning collected in single programmed bundles, up to the final destination, where the bundles are stacked one on the other, in the final high pile stacker.

Ionising bar:

special device required to facilitate the transit of the sheets of materials, which can develop electrostatic current.

Gold blocking unit, for hot foil stamping and embossing

Optional installation on the platen die-cutter, to carry out hot foil stamping works, with or without embossing.
The unit combines the operation of the platen, the effect of the heating of the installed hot plate, with the metalized colored foils, which print the sheet by color release, according to the shape and features of the metal blocks fitted on the heating plate (IMPERIA GOLD).

Imperia Gold


In combination with the AUTOMATIC FEEDER AND DELIVERY UNIT, the die cutting machine doubles the productivity without increasing machine set up time.