Imperia platen die-cutting machines with sheet hand feeding and delivery

IMPERIA D cm. 85×120


IMPERIA E cm. 100×140


The machine working is determined by the operation of the clutch-brake unit.

Three modes of operation or cycles, are selectable by the operator: single stroke, or continuous, or timed.

Machine equipment:

  • Double body solenoid valve
  • Pressure regulation and filtering unit for compressed air feeding
  • Safety air pressure switch
  • Top control panel, on movable arm, with START and STOP controls and instruments including:
    • monitoring warning lights of the safety module operation, to control sensitive security devices, and so on
    • timer, to set the duration of the movable plane programmed stop, in opened position, for the timed cycle
    • modal selector for the selection of the working cycle, equipped with lock and key
  • Cutting plate in hardened and ground steel 50 HRC, of long endurance
  • Self-centering universal chase, with lever to adjust the horizontal bars holding the cutting form. The chase does not need to be removed from the machine during cutting form change. Kind of cutting form: flat cutting form of total height mm. 23,8 (standard)
  • Automatic centralised lubrication plant
  • Timed elettrical lubrication pump. Acoustic warning alarm in case of insufficient oil in the pump tank.


The manual platen die-cutter is equipped with protection devices, fitted on the operator side and on all the machine sides.
The applied safety devices are of the latest generation, with redundant dual channel and individually controlled by safety modules:

  • safe edge on the plane, operator side
  • sensitive front grille, with double operation, operator side
  • main polycarbonate protection frame, on Al. sensitive support, complete with front protection plate, controlled by safety limit switches
  • side gates equipped with interlocking devices
  • side safety mats (or side tables with interlocking devices)
  • fixed casings which guard the turning machine parts
  • special push-button controlled device to be actuated for the release of the plane in emergency conditions (safeguarding manoeuvre)

The machine configuration complies with CE specifications and has obtained the German GS mark.


Self-centering universal chase, with motorized crossbars

Fine micrometric adjustment of the cutting pressure (advisable for kiss-cut)

Automatic feeder / delivery unit

Gold blocking unit, for hot foil stamping and embossing

Optional installation on the platen die-cutter, to carry out hot foil stamping works, with or without embossing.
The unit combines the operation of the platen, the effect of the heating of the installed hot plate, with the metalized colored foils, which print the sheet by color release, according to the shape and features of the metal blocks fitted on the heating plate (IMPERIA GOLD).

PLC and touch screen
On request, the machine automation and its safety functions are managed by PLC. This version includes a Touch Screen in the control panel, in which the set functions of the machine and anomalies, and/or alarms are shown in the screen pages.

Special construction of the platen die-cutter.

The machine is built with larger opening between the two working planes, for special works.

The special Imperia construction is requested on the purpose to treat high «honey comb» corrugated board sheets 20 mm. thick, with the suitable higher die-cutting form (40 mm. thick cutting rules).

Otherwise, the special Imperia construction makes possible the hot die-cutting of plastic materials, thanks to the installation of the heating plate on which the special cutting form is fitted.
By the heating of the cutting form rules, the cut and the creasing on the plastic material sheet is more effective.
For this special application, it is necessary to use special die-cutting forms, with fiber base and knives, suitable to conduct the heating, without deformations.

Imperia Gold

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