Giant horizontal semi-automatic die-cutter

For corrugated board sheets

Configuration and Features

Semi-automatic die-cutter, with easy hand feeding system and sheet transport by means of spike bars, to the cutting, stripping and delivery stations.

Perfect for medium and large productions, thanks to its versatility and quick order changes


Semi-automatic GIANT die-cutter

GIANT is the semi-automatic die-cutting machine for the large sizes, in very strong construction, suitable to die-cut corrugated board sheets up to 11 mm. thickness, besides of hollow plastic board (cartonplast) and solid board sheets.


Mechanical speed

  • up to 3.600 sheets per hour in case of smaller machine sizes
  • up to 2.000 sheets per hour in case of larger machine sizes


  • 1100 x 1500 mm
  • 1200 x 1700 mm
  • 1300 x 1800 mm

And special sizes particularly requested for displays and hollow plastic board die-cutting:

  • 1500 x 2100 mm
  • 1700 x 2500 mm


«EZ FEEDER» automatic feeding unit, suitable also in case of warped board sheets.

Heating plate, to hot die-cut hollow palstic board sheets and possible edge sealing, with special dedicated die-cutting forms.  


Sheet transport system by means of chain driven spike bars.
Sequence of operations and consents controlled by PLC
Touch screen, of machine functions and alarms.


Comfortable hand-feeding station, with automatic progressive raising of the feeding pile.
The sheet back side taken by the operator is easily pushed against the front lays of the die-cutting station, then gripped by the spike bars it is conveyed through the machine stations.
The feeding sheet pile is easily prearranged by the operator, on the preloading unit, where the sheets are well aligned in the feed stack.


In the die-cutting station the low movable plane, moves up to the top, driven by four knuckles system, for powerful cutting pressures.


The three chases stripping station, provided with triple motion, removes the inside and three sides perimetral wastes of the die-cut sheet (gripper margin excluded).
The special quick-lock upper stripping chase is included in the supply.


The delivery station provides a single pile of treated sheets, perfectly stacked and alligned.
A tape inserter automatic device is installed, scheduled to introduce paper tabs among the cut sheets, in order to mark the sheet quantities.


Optionals on request:

  • 30 cm. higher machine, for higher feeding and delivery pile capacity.
  • Gripper margin removal  (stripping of the fourth sheet side).
  • Batch delivery system (also combined with the sigle pile delivery).
  • Outside table for the pre-arrangement of the die-cutting station.
  • Delivery station with motorised rollers, enabling the automatic ejection of the delivery pile pallet, and the following new empty pallet insertion.


  • Speed 100% 100%
  • Sturdiness 100% 100%
  • Quick order changes 100% 100%

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